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The technical support staff of many ISPs cannot tell what authentication method their system uses.

So, you may have to guess; if so, initially guess PAP.

Simply press Enter to accept the default initialization string, which works correctly for most modems and situations.

Next, as shown in Figure 11.14, you must specify the number your modem should dial to reach your ISP. With the number, include any necessary prefix or suffix digits just as you would dial them yourself - for example, the and area code needed to access a long distance number. phone lines accept tone dialing; unless you're certain your line does not, specify tone dialing, highlight Ok, and press Enter. To view or change an entry, highlight the entry and press Enter.

Some ISPs give you the option of having a static network address, meaning that your computer's network address is always the same.

Unless your ISP has assigned your computer a static network address, simply press Enter.

Unless you have a particular reason for doing otherwise, you should accept the default speed of 115200 by pressing Enter.

Next, as shown in Figure 11.13, lets you specify a modem initialization string, which it will send to the modem before establishing a connection.

To create a new connection, use the arrow keys to highlight Next or Create, and then press Enter.The program next asks whether you want it to establish a default route when it makes a connection, as shown in Figure 11.10.You almost certainly do, so accept the default choice - Enable Default Route - by using the arrow keys to highlight Ok and pressing Enter.If determines that the file /etc/does not exist or does not specify one or more nameservers (DNS servers), it will display the screen shown in Figure 11.2, which asks you to specify nameservers.You should do so, therefore highlight Yes and press Enter.

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Next, you must specify your login password, as shown in Figure 11.7. Next, asks you to specify some basic connection properties.